Lingo 2 Word has been entertaining and informing our visitors with free English to SMS Translations and SMS to English translations since September 2001

What Lingo2word has been used for;

  • A Dictionary and spell checker as it should be!, the translator allows any text to be simplified into its plain english version this reduces the confusion that might come from using shortened forms of a word or even puts into simple terms some of our harder to understand words. Whilst doing this it will also identify and change any spelling mistake or typo that might be in it.
  • Has been used for a myriad of school assignments on the effects of text messaging language
  • We have also converted several books into sms language on behalf of clients
  • We provide several custom interfaces for dictionary searched and word meanings, these are can be branded and un branded solutions
  • We also have custom interfaces to the translator to be used on other websites , these will pass in a message and return the plain english text without any slang.
  • Our emoticon search is also very useful, still believe we are the only people able to search on emoticons and smiley's
  • As our site is very popular some of these services are hosted at less busy locations
  • Fun text messages , Well they are just fun!, use these for keeping in touch with friends or find some special romance messages for your valentine


Our online translator and searches are both 'throttled' this means after our limit of transactions you will be denied access for one week. You are welcome to `purchase' our content for on your site. For a small fee, we give you a custom designed search box, with the results of any search pushed back onto your site. You keep your traffic, you keep your own banner space! We think its a win-win situation... We think you'll agree.

For more information, please contact our sales and marketing department

Q: I disagree with or object to some of your definitions?
A: Add your own definition or Let us know at

Q: In your searches and translations is Case important?
A: Absolutely , The searches will show you both upper and lower case answers for your request. The Translator is very particular. Be very careful with case in the translations " she is BUFF " will give you a very different answer from " she is buff "

Q: I am trying to translate from French, Portuguese or Italian and it does not recognise it?
A: Try a longer message the system needs about 4 foreign words to recongnise the language to use

Q: Why do you limit access to translate more than 160 characters?
A: Basically load on the server , if you which to purchase unrestricted access let us know

Q: Do you have an API?
A: Yes of sorts , we have been able interface many different ways contact us

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A big "Thank You" to all our contributors - This site would not be possible without it!
Thank you to moustafa our Spanish editor who has made it possible to transliterate Spanish Also thank you (10Q) to our dedicated group of editors. If you would like to become an editor let us know!

The sixty second challenge has moved for word games or to enhance your lingo try The sixty second challenge
for Vocabulary builders in many languages try The sixty second vocabulary challenge

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