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wives and girlfriends
wives and girlfriends is used in Acronym Slang
wild ass guess
wild ass guess is used in Acronym Slang
wild-assed guess
wild-assed guess is used in Acronym Slang
wireless application gateway
wireless application gateway is used in Acronym Computing
what a guess
what a guess is used in Acronym
wives and/orĀ girlfriends
wives and/orĀ girlfriends is used in Acronym
don't is used in Malaysian Filipino Indonesian
Malaysian meaningFilipino meaningIndonesian meaning
do not
do not is used in Filipino
Filipino meaning
The word wag is used in Acronym, Slang, Computing, Malaysian, Filipino, Indonesian meaning wives and girlfriends,wild ass guess,wild-assed guess,wireless application gateway,what a guess,wives and/orĀ girlfriends,don't,do not