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small is used in Texting
send me the link
send me the link is used in Acronym
small medium large
small medium large is used in Acronym
send my love
send my love is used in Acronym Romance
send me one
send me one is used in Acronym
story of my life!
story of my life! is used in Acronym
Sorry My Love
Sorry My Love is used in Acronym Slang Internet
So much laughter
So much laughter is used in Acronym
SML is short for that. Use SML when you are laughing alot.
Suck my long balls
Suck my long balls is used in Farming
So much love
So much love is used in Acronym
so much laughter
so much laughter is a general term
The word sml is used in Texting, Acronym, Romance, Slang, Internet, Farming, is a general term meaning small,send me the link,small medium large,send my love,send me one,story of my life!,Sorry My Love,So much laughter,Suck my long balls,So much love,so much laughter