Useful information sites and tools Phone links Not quite a dictionary but a fantastic tool for those translating languages, it has a delivers of context sensitive definitions for a foreign language word , not just French, but German, Chinese etc . A very useful tool! Conversion tools you need everyday,Convert length, speed, area, volume, time, roman numerals and more Here you will find objective information on how to use and find phone devices that make the use of, and access to the digital world easier A beginner’s guide to computing Canada's views on Mobile phone models Research Mobile phones The largest range of phones in the UK, Great range all networks
DictionariesMachine Translators For the best list of speciality dictionaries anywhere! Simply the best quality foreign dictionary about Urban dictionary provides searches for alternative definitions Check out the definition of words
All Babel fish (yahoo) can translate from most languages
Google Translate Translate from any language instantly translation service
Spanish Machine translations translate from Spanish to English
SMS Links Fun sites Provider of free text messaging services to many US and international carriers another great site for funny text messages,this one is much better looking than Lingo2word! Title:- Love Sms
love SMS A great collection of love sms and love text messages contributed for lovely people Want other fun translations ?, check out the Ali G, Irish ,scouse and other translators at woohoo!
SMS Books Translation Services The new and the old testament translated into text message langauge

actually quite an innovative solution for the younger generation

you've just got to try it for someone you care for

Professional Translation services from qualified native speaker translators
Purely simply translation Free advise on translations
Chinese Translation Chinese English Translation Specialist