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A&E accident & emergency
A&E accident and emergency
A&E Accident and emergency clinic
A&E Accident and emergency clinic
A&E Arts & Entertainment
A&S All And Sundry
a.a. alcoholics anonymous
a.a.a.d.k.t.d.a. an apple a day keeps the doctor away
a.a.b. Acronyms Are Bollocks
a.a.k. alive and kicking
a.c.h.n.l. a cat has nine lives
a.c.i.n.s.t.i.w.l. a chain is no stronger than its weakest link
A.D.A.D.T.D.A. an apple a day takes the doctor
a.d.d. attention deficit disorder
a.d.t.r. a day to remember
A.E.F.A.E. An Eye for An Eye
A.F> Air Force
A.G.T.C.T.T.W.W. all good things come to those who wait
a.m.l.f.y. all my love for you
a.p.s.i.a.p.e. A penny saved is a penny earned
A.Q.O.T.W.F. All Quiet on the Western Front
A.R.K. Act of Random Kindness
A.S.A.P.P.K. as soon as possible please okay
a.s.a.y.g.t. as soon as you get this
a.s.a.y.g.t. as soon as you get this.
A.T.W.I.E.D. Around the World in 80 Days
a.w.a.t. are we almost there?
a.w.p.n.b. A Watched Pot Never Boils
a/c account
a/c air conditioned
This is Popular Acronym list for A 14 pages - 1 of 14 click here for the page 2
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