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agb almost good bridge
AGBTG All Glory Be To God
agm annual general meeting
agp accelerated graphics port
agp Advanced Graphics Port
AGTCTTWW all good things come to those who wait
aiamu and I'm a monkey's uncle
aicbw although I could be wrong
AICI As I See It
AICM5P And I Claim My 5 Pounds
aicmfp and I claim my five pounds
aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIESATDA all I ever see are these darn acronyms
aiff audio interchange file format
aifilaw all is fair in love and war
aih as it happens
aihaig as it happens / as it goes
AIIRW2DT As If I Really Wanted To Do That
AIMB As I Mentioned Before
aimhooc all in my humble opinion, of course
aimp always in my prayers
aimp Association of Independent Music Publishers
air as i remember
AISB As I Said Before
AISB As It Should Be
aitr adult in the room
aiw as it was
aiw as it were
aiwiy all I want is you
ajaj asynchronous javascript and json
This is Popular Acronym list for A page 5 of 14 - 6 of 14 click here for the page 7
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