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b.l.a.h. bringing life and hope
b.l.t.n. better late than never
b.m.f.e.a.e. best mates for ever and ever
B.m.u.t.v.e. Best Mates Until The Very End
b.n.w.t. brand new with tags
B.O. Body Odour
b.o.b. battery operated boyfriend
b.o.b. bird or bloke?
b.o.b.f.o.c. body off baywatch, face off crimewatch
B.O.D. Bandwidth on demand
b.o.m. bill of materials
B.O.T.B. Best Of The Best
B.O.T.D. Babe of the day
b.o.y.c. beverage of your choice
b.o.y.c. bottle of your choice
b.t.d.t.b.t.s. been there, done that, bought the T-shirt
B.T.F.F. Best True Friend Forever
B.T.H.O. Beat The Hell Outta
b.t.w.i.k.i.a.i.l.w.y. bye the way I know I am in love with you
b1g1 Buy one get one free
B2A Business To Anyone
b2b back to back
b2b Body to body
b2b boy to boy
b2b business to business
B2C Business to Consumer
babagoi build a bridge and get over it
babd Bank Affiliated Broker Dealer
BAFTA British Academy of Films and Television Arts
BAG Bursting A Gut
This is Popular Acronym list for B page 1 of 16 - 2 of 16 click here for the page 3
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