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bffltbnf best friends for life but not forever
bffne best friends forever n ever
bffnmw best friends forever no matter what
Bffnmwh best friend forever in my whole life
Bffnmwh best friend forever no matter what happens
BFFO Best and final offer
BFFOI Best friends forever over the Internet
BFFR Best Friends For Real
BFFTD best friends forever till death
bffte best friend till the end
bfftm Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle
BFFTTDWD best friends forever till the day we die
BFFTWD best friend forever till we die
bffwgsa best friend forever who goes shopping alot
BFFWGST Best Friends Forever We Go Shopping Together
bffwltgsal best friends forever who like to go shopping a lot
bfitw best friends in the world
BFITWF best friends in the world forever
BFIWWW best friend in the whole wide world
bfmi brute force and massive ignorance
bfotb best friend of the bride
BFP Big Fat Positive
BFSL Best Fit Straight Line
BFTAD Best Friends Till After Death
BFTB bang for the buck
BFTTE best friends to the end
bftteot best friends till the end of time
BFW broadband fixed wireless
BFYB Bang For Your Buck
bgoto blinding glimpse of the obvious
This is Popular Acronym list for B page 6 of 16 - 7 of 16 click here for the page 8
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