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This is Popular Acronym list for C page 10 of 11
cwul8r chat with you later
CWYL chat with ya later
CWYL chat with you later
cxo chief change officer
cxo chief executive officer
CXR Chest X-ray
cyao chat your arse off
cybth can you believe that happened
CYEM Check Your E-Mail
cyhm can you help me
CYHMN Can You Hear Me Now
CYMK Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black
CYOTFS Catch You On The Flip Side
CYS configure your server
JFMAMJJASOND Calendar Months
KCCO chill out
roygbiv colours of the rainbow
utc Coordinated Universal Time
XAMPP cross platform Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl
XSS Cross Site Scripting
This is Popular Acronym list for C page 10 of 11
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