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CFV Call For Votes
CFV call for voting
cfw custom firmware
CFYD Computer Fine User Drunk
cgi common gateway interface
cgip computer graphics and image processing
cgyofm can't get you off my mind
cgyomm can't get you off my mind
cgyoomh can't get you out of my head
chdk canon hacking development kit
chinx Chinese History Now eXplained
chown change owner
chud cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers
chwh Cold hand widdle hurried
chwh Cold Hands, Warm heart
cia cash in advance
cia central intelligence agency
CIC Christ I am Confused
cicyhw can I copy your home work
CIDR classless inter-domain routing
cif cash in first
cif cost insurance , freight
CIFS Common Internet File System
cih cash in hand
cil common intermediate language.
cil critical items list
ciopw charcoal, ink, oil, pencil, watercolour
cis Compuserve Information Service
cis computer information science
cis Customer Information Systems
This is Popular Acronym list for C page 3 of 11 - 4 of 11 click here for the page 5
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