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cisc complex instruction set computers
CISW Certified Independent Social Worker
CITD center for international trade development
CITD counter intelligence and terrorism division
ckim certified knowledge and innovation manager
CLAT Common Law Admission Test
cli caller line identification
cli calling line identification
cli command line interface
clie communication, link, information and entertainment
CMA Call Me Already
CMA comparative market analysis
CMA Cover My Ass
CMAP Cover My Ass Partner
CMAU cracking my ass up
cmaw Construction, Maintenance and Allied Workers Union
cmcp call my cell phone
cmeo crying my eyes out
CMH Call My House
CMH Cross My Heart
CMIIAW Correct Me If I Am Wrong
cmiiw correct me if I am wrong
cmiiw correct me if I'm wrong
cmiw correct me if I'm wrong
cmiyc catch me if you can
cml call me later
cmo chief marketing officer
cmo chief medical officer
CMOC civil-military operations center
CMOS call me on Skype
This is Popular Acronym list for C page 4 of 11 - 5 of 11 click here for the page 6
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