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D&E dilation and evacuation
d.a.r.e. drug abuse resistance education
D.A.W. Digital Audio Workstation
D.C.U.W.C.Y. don't call us, we'll call you
d.f.s. duty free store
d.i.a.y. did I ask you?
d.i.f.t.m. Doing It For The Money
d.i.n.k.u.m. double income no kids unbelievable mortgage
D.I.N.K.Y's double income, no kids yet
d.i.r.t.f.t. do it right the first time
D.L.C. DownLoadable Content
d.n.r. do not resuscitate
d.n.t.t.m. do not talk to me
d.o.a. dead on arrival
d.o.t.w. days of the week
d.o.t.w. deal of the week
d.o.t.w. discussion of week
d.o.t.w. drink of the week
D.Q.M.O.N.T. Do not quote me on this
D.R.O.D. Deadly Rooms of Death
d.t.b.a. days to be agreed, date to be advised
d.u.w.s. do you want sex?
d.w.b. driving while blond
d.w.i. driving while intoxicated
d.w.l. dying with laughter
d.w.t. driving while texting
d.w.t.t.y. do what they tell you
D.W.U.I. Driving While Under the Influence
d.y.i. do it yourself
d.y.k.w.h. do you know what happened?
This is Popular Acronym list for D 14 pages - 1 of 14 click here for the page 2
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