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dnwa dare not walk alone
DOD Day of Defeat
DOD definition of done
DOD Department of Defence
dof degree of freedom
DOHC dual over head cam
DOHC dual over head camshaft
doi department of Information
doj Department of Justice
dolts destruction of language through simplicity
dolts dumb people
dool days of our lives
DOT damage over time
dotc dancing on the ceiling
dpayeinob don't put all your eggs in one basket
dpcbth don't put the cart before the horse
dpi dots per inch
dpi dots per square inch
DPM defect per million
DPM Deputy Prime Minister
dpo data phase optimization
dpo days past ovulation
dpo departmental purchase order
dpo designated post office
dpo dial pulse originate
dpo digital phosphor oscilloscope
dpoutwycdt don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today
dpt dynamic packet transfer
dptcbth dont put the cart before the horse
DQMONT don't quote me on this
This is Popular Acronym list for D page 7 of 14 - 8 of 14 click here for the page 9
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