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DSR Dynamic Source Routing
DSRR Digital Short Range Radio
dssd double sided single density
dst daylight saving time
dst digital signature transponder
DSTB Digital Set Top Box
dta don't trust anybody
dta don't trust anyone
dta dont trust anyone
dtba date to be advised
dtba days to be agreed
dtbd dare to be different
DTC Deep Throaty Chuckle
dtcm Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
dtcm direct to consumer marketing
dtcm Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
dtcm Dubai Governments Department of Tourism Commerce
dtd document type definition
dtd document type description
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTE Data Terminating Equipment
DTE down to earth
dtg Distance to go
dti digital trunk interface
dti due to investors
dtlb dual translation lookaside buffer
DTMF Dual-tone Multifrequency
DTMF dual-tone multiple-frequency
DTML Document Template Markup Language
dtmo down to make out
This is Popular Acronym list for D page 9 of 14 - 10 of 14 click here for the page 11
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