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eerom electrically eraseable read only memory
efm ethernet in the first mile
efn enough for now
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTPOS Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale
ega enhanced graphics adapter
egad everyone's got a dream
EGADS Extremely Good Action , Dumb Story
egbdf every good boy deserves favor
egbdf every good boy deserves fudge
egbok everything's gonna be ok
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigational Overlay Service
egpcs environment, get, post, cookies, server
EGR exhaust gas recycling
eiagaaf Enough is as good as a feast
eif exercise in futility
EIPP Electronic Invoice Presentation and Payment
EIPP Electronic Presentment and payment
eirp equivalent isotropic radiated power
EKG electrocardiogram
EKG Elektrokardiogramm
eku earliest known use
elol evil laugh out loud
EMA e-mail address
EMF Electro Magnetic Frequency
emfbi excuse me for butting in
EMMB e-mail me back
EMML Email Me Later
emv europay , mastercard, visa
emv expected monetary value
This is Popular Acronym list for E page 2 of 7 - 3 of 7 click here for the page 4
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