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4GL fourth generation language
4rtd Four-Resonant-Tunneling-Diode
egbdf for remembering notes on a treble cleft music staff
F&M Foot and Mouth
f.a.r.t. Fugitive Apprehension Response Team
f.a.t. file allocation table
f.b.b.f.f. Facebook best friend forever
F.D.D. floppy disk drive
F.D.S.H. Full dealer service history
f.e.a.e. forever and ever
F.E.I.T.C.T.A.J. Forget them If They Can not Take A Joke
F.F.O. for food only
F.F.O. Funds from Operations
F.F.U. falling for you
F.M.P.E. From My Personal Experience
f.m.t.y.e.w.t.k. Far More Than You Ever Wanted to Know
F.N.A.R. For No Apparent Reason
f.o.c.r.o.f.l.m.a.o. falling off chair, rolling on floor, laughing my ass off
f.o.i.l. first outer inner last
F.R.O.G. finished room over garage
F.R.O.G. Frequency-resolved optical gating
F.R.O.G. fully rely on god
F.T.L.O. For The Love Of
f.u.c.k. fornication under consent of the king
f.u.c.k. friend you can keep
f.u.o fever of unknown origin
f.u.o. Fever of unknown origin
F.W.A.P. Friend With Alternate Plumbing
f.w.b.n.p. Fine Words Butter No Parsnips
F.Y.I. For Your Information
This is Popular Acronym list for F 10 pages - 1 of 10 click here for the page 2
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