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FFTD First Full-Term Delivery
fftfm for the feeble minded
FFTP first full-term pregnancy
FFU falling for you
ffwf fight fire with fire
ffx final fantasy X
FFY Federal Fiscal Year
fgs for God's sake
fgs for goodness sake
FGTW For the greater win
fhbo furnished housing by owner
FHM For Him Monthly
FHNWFL faint heart never won a fair lady
FHOF Freeware Hall of Fame
fhrv fetal heart rate variability
fhss frequency hopping spread spectrum
fiamo fix it and move on
fibd found in bed dead
ficcl frankly I couldn't care less
ficcl frankly, I couldn't care less
fid fully involved dad
fids fully involved dads
FIFA Fédération Internationale de Football Association
FIFO first in , first out
FIFO First in, first out
FIO figure it out
fiofy figure it out for yourself
fish First In Still Here
fish First in, still here
fish Forget It I'm Staying Here
This is Popular Acronym list for F page 3 of 10 - 4 of 10 click here for the page 5
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