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cbar goodbye
dna genes
g.2.g.b.2.w.n. got to go back to work now
g.2.g.g. good to go girl
g.2.g.g. got to go girl
G.A.G. Get A Grip
G.A.L.D. Get A Life Dude
G.A.W.R. gross axle weight rating
g.b.g. guided by god
G.B.T.Y. Get back to you
g.b.y.a. God bless you all
G.C.W.R. Gross Combined Weight Rating
g.d.i.a.h Go Die In A Hole
g.d.i.a.h. Go Die In A Hole
g.d.t.r.f.b going down the road feeling bad
g.d.t.r.f.b. going down the road feeling bad
G.E.D. General Educational Development
G.F.L. gamer for life
G.F.L. guns for life
g.i. general infantry
g.i.f.w.m. god isn't finished with me
g.i.l.d. girl I'd like to date
G.L.A.C. Gratitude, Love, And, Compassion
g.l.m.w.f. good looking white female
g.l.w.m. good looking white male
g.m.f.b. good morning facebook
g.n.f.b. good night facebook
G.O.W.M. go out with me
G.P.R.S. General Packet Radio Switching
g.p.t. get paid to
This is Popular Acronym list for G 13 pages - 1 of 13 click here for the page 2
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