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CCF hundred cubic feet
cia here
dhcp High Bandwitdh copy protection
doi he/she
h hug
h.a.g.m. have a good monday
h.a.g.m. height above ground in meters
h.a.g.s. have a good summer
h.c.t.i.d. hard core till I die
H.G.V Heavy Goods Vehicle
H.G.V. Heavy Goods Vehicle
h.m.o.p. help me out please
H.M.W.Y.B.S. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
h.o. hang on
h.o. Head Office
h.o. hold on
h.o.l.l.a.n.d. hope our love lasts and never dies
h.t.h.s.i.k. how the hell should I know?
H.W.P.T.P.C.T.T. he who pays the piper calls the tune
h.w.s.w.t.d.s.h.a.l.s. he who sups with the devil should have a long spoon
h.y.h.a.g.d. hope you had a good day
h.y.h.a.g.d. hope you have a good day
H.Y.I.P. High Yield Investment Programs
H2BT had to be there
h2cu hope to see you
H2IK Hell if I Know
h2ttyl have to talk to you later
h2ttyl hope to talk to you later
HAAK high as a kite
habo have a better one
This is Popular Acronym list for H 9 pages - 1 of 9 click here for the page 2
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