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C.W.T.N.T. I can not wait till next time!
cwtcutm I can't wait to see you tomorrow
i&i intercourse & inebriation
i&i intercourse and inebriation
I.A.F.H.R.U. I am fine how are you
I.A.F.H.R.Y. I am fine how are you
I.A.G.W. If All Goes Well
I.A.L.A.C. I Am Lovable and Capable
I.A.S.I.L.W.Y. I am still in love with you
I.B.2.D. I beg to differ
I.C.B.T.H. I can not believe that happened
i.c.e. In case of Emergency
I.C.W.T.S.T.R.O.M.L.W.Y. I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with you
i.d.k.w.i.w. I don't know what I want
i.d.k.w.t.a.m. I don't know what the acronym means
i.d.k.w.t.i. I don't know who that is
I.F.U.C.R.T. If you can read this
i.g.2.g.b.2.w.n. I got to go back to work now
i.i.i.o.d.t.i.a. if it isnt one damn thing, it's another
I.I.O.H.A.B. If I Only Had A Brain!
i.i.t.u.w.u.t.m.a.s. if I tell you will you tell me a secret?
i.j.w.t.k.y. I just want to kiss you
i.j.w.t.k.y. I just want to know you
I.K.T.S. I know the score
I.K.Y.N I kid you not
I.K.Y.N. I kid you not
I.L.I.W. I love it when
i.l.m.a.o. I'm laughing my ass off
I.L.U.S.M.H. I love you so much honey
i.l.u.t.m.d. I love you truly madly deeply
This is Popular Acronym list for I 24 pages - 1 of 24 click here for the page 2
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