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ianap I am not a physicist
ianap I am not a programmer
ianars I am not a rocket scientist
IANMTU I am not making this up
ians I am not sure
ianym in a new york minute
Ianys International Association for National Youth Service
IAP Internet Access Provider
IASA I Am So Annoyed
IAT I am tired
IAU I adore you
iawc in a while crocodile
iawnw Its a whole new world
iawtc I agree with this comment
iawtc I agree with this/that comment
iawtp I agree with this post
iawyohp I agree with you one hundred percent
iban international bank account number
IBC inadequate but cute
IBC Inadequate, But Cute
ibd14u I be the one for you
ibeyorev I be your reverand
ibm inadequate, but marketable
ibm international business machines
ibnr incurred but not reported
ibtbsts it's better to be safe than sorry
ibtd I beg to differ
ibtim I'll bear that in mind
IBTL in before the lock
ibyw I bet you will
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 3 of 24 - 4 of 24 click here for the page 5
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i wan2 grow old with U,i wan2 di lyN n ur arms.
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