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Acronym's for I
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 36 of 39 page 37 of 39 click here for the page 38
 iwu2tm I want you to touch me
 iwua I want your ass
 IWUB I want you babe
 IWUB I want you bad
 IWUIM I want you in me
 IWWH,BWR If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
 iwwiw I want what I want
 IWYB I want you babe
 IWYB I want you back
 IWYB I want your body
 IWYDIM I want you deep inside me
 IWYG Is What You Get
 iwyim I want you in me
 iwyinyily I want you , I need you, I love you
 iwyinyily I want you I need you I love you
 IWYWH I wish you were here
 IWYWH I wish you where here
 IYD in your dreams
 IYDAYDG If you don't ask, you don't get
 IYDK If You Didn't Know
 iydkidkwd if you don't know, I don't know who does
 iydkycg If you don't know you can not go
 iydmma if you don't mind me asking
 iyeicl In your eyes I see love
 IYFEG Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
 IYFEG Insert Your Favourite Ethnic Group
 IYGIFI If You've Got It Flaunt It
 IYKWIK If you knew what I knew
 IYKWIM(AITYD) If You Know What I Mean (And I Think You Do)
 IYKWIMAITYD if you know what i mean and i think you do
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 36 of 39 page 37 of 39 click here for the page 38
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