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Acronym's for J
This is Popular Acronym list for J page 2 of 5 page 3 of 5 click here for the page 4
 JFG Just For Grins
 JFI Just For Information
 JFI just forget it
 JFL just for laughs
 jflts just felt like typing something
 JFMAMJJASOND January to December
 JFMI Just For My Information
 JFTR Joint Federal Travel regulations
 jfu just for you
 jfyi just for your information
 JIK just in case
 jil Jesus Is Lord
 JIT Just In Time
 jj Just Joking
 JJA Just Joking Around
 JKBNR just kidding but not really
 jkl just kidding loser
 JLD Just Like Dad
 jlma just leave me alone
 jlt just like that
 jlyk just letting you know
 jm Just Messing
 JMHO just my humble opinion
 JMHOOC Just My Honest Opinion of Course
 JMHOOC Just My Humble Opinion of Course
 jmhop just my humble opinion
 jml just my luck
 JMOOC Just My Opinion Of Course
 JMSNS Justification for Major System New Start
 JMTPW Just My Two Pence's Worth
This is Popular Acronym list for J page 2 of 5 page 3 of 5 click here for the page 4
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