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Acronym's for J
This is Popular Acronym list for J page 3 of 5 page 4 of 5 click here for the page 5
 JMVHO just my very humble opinion
 JMWU Just messin With you
 JMWU just messing with you
 JOAT,MON Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None
 JOMG Jesus Oh My god!
 JOOI Just Out Of Interest
 JOOTT Just One Of Those Things
 jotd joke of the day
 JOTL Joy Of The Lord
 JOTT Just One of Those Things
 jotw Job of the week
 JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
 JPGR John, Paul, George & Ringo
 JPW Just Plain Weird
 jpyl just pulling your leg
 JROTC Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
 JSF Joint Strike Fighter
 JSNM Just Stark Naked Magic
 JSP Java Server Pages
 jsts justice
 JSU Just Shut Up
 JSUK Just So You know
 JSYK just so you know
 JT Just Teasing
 JTA Just think about
 JTAU Just thinking about you
 JTAY Just thinking about you
 JTFR Joint Federal Travel Regulations
 JTILYK Just thought I'd let you know
 JTLUK just to let you know
This is Popular Acronym list for J page 3 of 5 page 4 of 5 click here for the page 5
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nt evry @}- cn represent lov, bt roses did it, nt evry plant cn surviv thirst , bt cactus did it, nt evry (8-}) can read a txt bt u did it hahahahahaha
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