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bsod kernal panic
GPL Kick in the ass
K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid
K.I.T. keep in touch
k.i.t.y. keep it to yourself
K.I.U. Keep It Up
K.Y.C. know your client
K.Y.C. know your customer
kah kisses and hugs
kbps kilobits
kbps kilobits per second
kbps kilobytes
kbps KiloBytes Per Second
KCCO keep calm and carry on
KFC Kentucky fried chicken
KFC Kentucy Fried Chicken
khddcm kilo hecto deca meter deci centi milli
khddcm king henry doesn't mind drinking chocolate milk
khddcm king henry drank disgusting curdled milk
KHTML Kde nypertext markup language
kir keep it real
kir kid in room
klb known lazy bastard
kmi Key management Initiative
kmp keep me posted
kmp kill me please
kotl kiss on the lips
kpc keep parents clueless
kpc keeping parents clueless
kpcofgs kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
This is Popular Acronym list for K 2 pages - 1 of 2 click here for the page 2
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