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asad lion
FHWW Living the Four Hour Work Week
ilylc love you like crazy
L laugh
L&G Latest And Greatest
L&L Love and Laughter
l.a.l.y.l. living a life you love
l.a.m.y. love and miss you
l.b.f.f. like best friends forever
l.d.a.p. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
l.i.t.m. leave it to me
l.i.t.m. love is the message
L.L.2.T.F. live life to the full
L.L.C. limited liability company
L.L.T.M.B.R. loving long-term mutually beneficial relationship
l.m.a.o. laughing my arse off
l.m.a.o. laughing my ass off
l.m.l.d like mother like daughter
l.m.l.d. like mother like daughter
l.m.n.o.p. look man, not our problem
l.m.o.v.m. left message on voicemail
L.M.S.B. Large and Mid-Size Business
L.O.E. Letter of engagement
L.O.F.O. Last On First Off
L.T.M.A. Less Talk, More Action
l.y.a.m.y.m. love you and miss you more
L.Y.L.M.Y.M. Love You Lots, Miss You Millions
l.y.m.t.a. love you more than air
l.y.t.b. love you to bits
l.y.t.b. love you too baby
This is Popular Acronym list for L 11 pages - 1 of 11 click here for the page 2
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