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Acronym's for L
This is Popular Acronym list for L page 12 of 21 page 13 of 21 click here for the page 14
 LOI laughing on the inside
 LOI Letter of Intent
 loil laughing out insanely loud
 LOIS Laughing On <The> InSide
 lolak lots of love and kisses
 LOLAL laughing out loud a lot
 LOLAROTG Laughing Out Loud And Rolling On The Ground
 LOLBAY Laughing Out Loud Back At You
 LOLFOC Laughs Out Loud Falls Of Chair
 lolkk laugh out loud okay
 lollam Laughing Out Loud Like A Maniac
 lollmbo lots of love , laughing my butt off
 LOLM laugh out loud man
 LOLM laughing out loud moment
 LOLMS laughing out loud moments
 lolngs laughing out loud never gonna stop
 LOLOL Laugh Out Loud On-Line
 LOLOL Lots of Laughing Out Loud
 lolomghahabbq laugh out loud, Oh my god , laugh , Barbecue.
 lolrl laugh out loud really loud
 LOLROF Laughing out loud while rolling on the floor.
 LOLROF Laughing out loud, rolling on the floor
 lolroflmao Laugh out loud rolling on the floor laughing my arse off
 LOLV load of love
 LOLV lot's of love
 LOLWROG laughing out loud while rolling on the ground
 lolwtime laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
 lombard loads of money but a real d**k
 lombard lots of money but a real d**khead
 lombard Lots Of Money But A Right d**k
This is Popular Acronym list for L page 12 of 21 page 13 of 21 click here for the page 14
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