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lmno leave my name out
LMOAM left message on answering machine
LMOS Loop Maintenance and Operations
LMSB Large and Mid-Size Business
LMTC Left Message To Call
lmtcb left message to call back
lmtv light medium tactical vehicle
lna low noise preamplifiers
lnib Like New In Box
LNMB Leave No Man Behind
LOA list of acronyms
lobl lock-on before launch
lobnah lights on but nobody's at home
LOCV Loss of Crew and Vehicle
LOFO Last On First Off
lohica look out, here it comes again
lolak lots of love and kisses
LOLV load of love
LOLV lot's of love
lolxxx lots of love and kisses
lolxxx lots of love kisses
loml love of my life
LOMN Letter of Medical Necessity
LOMP Lights Out, Missionary Position
lomy love of my life
lonh lights on, nobody home
lool laughing out outrageously loud
lool laughing outrageously out loud
lool laughing outragously out loud
lopsod long on promises, short on delivery
This is Popular Acronym list for L page 5 of 11 - 6 of 11 click here for the page 7
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