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LTFU Long-Term Follow-Up
ltk license to kill
ltlyl live the life you love
ltm laugh to myself
ltm laughed to myself
ltm laughing to myself
ltm listen to me
LTMA Less Talk, More Action
ltnh long time no hear
ltnsoh Long time, no see or hear
ltntlk long time no talk
ltntx long time no text
ltntxt long time no text
LTPLM little things please little minds
ltsa land transport safety authority
LTUAE Life, The Universe, And Everything
ltwwk let the whole world know
lufthansa let's us flirt together and never seperate again
lulab love you like a brother
lulafklc love you like a fat kid loves cake
lulas love you like a sister
LULT Line Unit Line Termination
LUMED love you more each day
LUMTP Love You More Than Pie
lusm love you so much
lusm love you so much!
lusub love ya, see ya, bye
lutm love you too much
luwamh! love you with all my heart!
luwaomh love you with all of my heart
This is Popular Acronym list for L page 7 of 11 - 8 of 11 click here for the page 9
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