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LWAB Lightweight Assault Boat
lwapp lightweight access point protocol
LWB Long Wheel Base
LWB Long wheelbase
LWBAT learner will be able to
lwom Lord Watch Over Me Often
lwop life without parole
lwtime laughing with tears in my eyes
lyaab love you as a brother
lyaab loving you always and bye
lyaaf love you as a friend
lyaas love you as a sister
lyab love you as a brother
lyas love you as a sister
lyl live your life
lyl love you lots
lylab love you like a brother
lylab/lylas love you like a brother/sister
LYLABB Love You Like A Big Brother
lylabf love ya like a boy friend
lylabf love you like a boy friend
lylabt love you like a broken toy
lylad love ya like a daughter
lylad love you like a dad
lylad love you like a daughter
lylaf love you like a father
lylam Love Ya Like A Mum
lylam love you like a mom
lylam love you like a mother
lylass love you like a sister
This is Popular Acronym list for L page 8 of 11 - 9 of 11 click here for the page 10
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