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ANOCOVA mean analysis-of-covariance
drmfsltd musical scale
edoc meeting of the other film
g.w.o.p money
g.w.o.p. money
hal matter
imae Monthly Index of the Economic Activity
M&A mergers and acquisitions
M&A Mergers and Aquisitions
m&ie meals and incidental expenses
M.C. Master of Ceremonies
m.f.c.f. My Friends Come First
M.I.P. Minor in Possession
M.K.I.A Mr know it all
m.k.i.a. mr know it all
M.L.O.A. medical leave of absence
M.M.I.A.B My Mind Is A Blank
m.m.i.l.o.m.s. my mum's looking over my shoulder
m.M.n. meiner Meinung nach
M.M.S. multimedia messaging service
m.o.d. message of the day
m.o.d. ministry of defence
m.o.e. ministry of education
M.O.G. Multiplayer Online Game
m.u.s.v.m. miss you so very much
m.v.p. Most valuable person
m.v.p. Most Valuable Player
m.v.p. Most Valuable Professional
M.W.T.B. mess with the best
m.x. motorcross
This is Popular Acronym list for M 10 pages - 1 of 10 click here for the page 2
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