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Acronym's for M
This is Popular Acronym list for M page 14 of 15 page 15 of 15
 MYA mind your ass
 myff my friend forever
 mylc missing you like crazy
 mymb miss your morning beasties
 MYOBB Mind Your Own Business, b*tch
 MYOBB Mind Your Own Business, Buddy
 MYS Manage Your Server
 MYVM miss you very much
 NIAM Mother
 satb music for soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices
 SMAT Message me
 SSAA Music for Soprano and Alto voices
 TCZW means Total Cubic Zirconia weight
 TTBB Music for Tenor and Bass,Baritone voices
 UDA moist
 VO2Max maximal oxygen consumption
 w2k Microsoft Windows 2000
 WAM me
 WAM moi
 WINPE Microsoft wimdows preinstallation environment
 WYMM marry me
 WYMM marry me?
This is Popular Acronym list for M page 14 of 15 page 15 of 15
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