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#noomf Not one of my followers
goya nations
n.a.s.l. name,age,sex,location
n.a.t.o. north atlantic treaty organisation
n.a.z.p. name, address, zip code
n.b.d. no big deal
N.E.D. Non Educated Delinquent.
N.I.B. New in Box
n.i.i.t.  Not Interested In Information Technology
N.I.M.Y. Never In A Million Years
n.i.t.m.o.i. necessity is the mother of invention
n.m.c.s.t.m. no man can serve two masters
n.n.t.h. no need to hurry
N.O.B. New Open Box
N.O.B. Not Observed
n.o.b.o. Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner
n.o.o.m.f. Not one of my followers
n.o.s. new old stock
N.P.O. Non-Profit Organization
N.S.F.A. Not Safe For Anyone
n.s.f.w. Not safe for work
N.T.T.U.T.T.Y. Never trouble trouble,till trouble troubles you
n.y.o.b. none of your business
n/a name age
n/a not allowed
n/a not any
n/a not applicable
n/a not appropriate
n/a not available
n/a/l name age location
This is Popular Acronym list for N 8 pages - 1 of 8 click here for the page 2
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