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n/s non smoker
naacp National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
naafi navy, army and air force institutes
nabnalb neither a borrower nor a lender be
nafw not appropriate for work
NAG1 New Automatic Gearbox, generation 1
nalopkt not a lot of people know that
nant not a nice thought
nascar national association for stock car auto racing
NASDAC National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Center
NASDAQ National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
nasl name,age,sex,location
navstar navigation satellite timing and ranging
NAVY Never Again Volunteer Yourself
nazp name address zip phone number
nazp name, address, zip code
nbio non blocking io
nbl no battery left
nbl not bloody likely
NBM Nill By Mouth
NBOP new business opportunity project
nbsb no boyfriend since birth
ncap new car assessment program
NCB never change baby
NCBS Not Classified But Sensitive
ncf not commercial free
NCFPA No cause for police action
ncjlyk not complaining, just letting you know
nco non-commissioned officer
NCSS Non-Comment Source Statements
This is Popular Acronym list for N page 1 of 8 - 2 of 8 click here for the page 3
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