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Acronym's for N
This is Popular Acronym list for N page 12 of 15 page 13 of 15 click here for the page 14
 nsp no idea
 NSS no sh*t sherlock
 NSS no sh*t sherlock
 nstaafl no such thing as a free lunch
 NSV Non-Shareware Version
 NTBB not to be borrowed
 NTBD Nothing to be done
 NTBOAD Not That Big Of A Deal
 NTDBWY nice to do business with you
 NTDWBE never trust devils with blue eyes
 NTDWI Nothing To Do With It
 NTFL no time for love
 ntft not the first time
 ntg Not Too Good
 ntiboa not that I am bitter or anything
 ntiboa Not That I'm Bitter Or Anything
 NTIKO Not That I Know Of
 ntim not that it matters
 NTIMM Not That It Matters Much
 NTL NeverTheLess
 NTL NoneTheLess
 ntn no thanks needed
 NTOOT Nine Times Out Of Ten
 NTSC National Television Standards Committee
 NTSC National Television Systems Committee
 NTTAWWT not that there's anything wrong with that
 NTTFLS Not Till The Fat Lady Sings
 NTTIAWWT not that there is anything wrong with that
 NTTYITFP never talk to you in the first place
 NTU Network terminating unit
This is Popular Acronym list for N page 12 of 15 page 13 of 15 click here for the page 14
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