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Acronym's for O
This is Popular Acronym list for O page 7 of 10 page 8 of 10 click here for the page 9
 OPL obvious panty line
 OPM opmærksom
 OPM Other People's Money
 OPM Other Peoples Money
 opp Other People's Problems
 OPUSH OBEX Object Push
 ORV Off Road Vehicle
 os of
 os operating system
 OSD Object Based Storage Device
 OSD Object Storage Device
 OSD On Screen Display
 OSD On-Screen Display
 OSDNMAS One salad does not make a slimmer
 OSDNMAS One Swallow Does Not Make A Summer
 OSEK Open systems and the Corresponding Interfaces for Automotive Electronics
 OSFM One Size Fits Most
 OSH Occupational Safety and Health Administration
 osha occupational safety and health administration
 OSIF Oh sh*t I Forgot!
 OSIT On-Site Inspection Team
 OSU Officially Sanctioned User
 OTA or there about
 OTA over the air
 otaok over the air OK
 otb off to bead
 otb off to bed
 otb on-the-air bitmap
 otb over the beach
 otbe over taken by event
This is Popular Acronym list for O page 7 of 10 page 8 of 10 click here for the page 9
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