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Acronym's for O
This is Popular Acronym list for O page 8 of 10 page 9 of 10 click here for the page 10
 OTC over the counter
 OTC over-the-counter
 OTD Out The Door
 OTDOA Observed Time Difference of Arrival
 ote Off Track Excursion
 ote Off Track Experience
 ote On Target Earning
 ote operational test and evaluation
 ote operator training equipment
 ote over the edge
 otflmao on the floor laughing my ass off
 OTFS Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services
 OTH Off The Hook
 OTJ On The Job
 OTK Over The Knee
 OTK over the knuckle
 OTLT One True Lookup Table
 OTMH Off the top of my head
 OTMs other than Mexicans
 OTOH on the other hand
 ototw On top of the world
 OTP on the phone
 OTP One Time Password
 OTR On the road
 OTS Off The Shelf
 OTS Officer Training School
 OTS over the shoulder
 ottomharoo off the top of my head and rolling out of bounds
 OUAT Once Upon A Time
 OUSU Oh, You Shut Up
This is Popular Acronym list for O page 8 of 10 page 9 of 10 click here for the page 10
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salut à tout le monde. je lance un s.o.s àtoutes personnes de bonnes volontés. je manges une fois par jour,aidez-moi;car j\'en souffre. arouna: je suis au :0022545081025 merci
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