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daemon program that runs in the background
DAP Parents Against Dyslexia
hhlbbcnofn periodic table elements (first line)
ITIL  p*ssy
LPT printer
p&c Private & Confidential
p&d Price and Delivery
p&p Postage & Packaging
p&p Postage and Packaging
p&p postage and packing
p.a. per annum
p.a. personal assistant
P.A.B. personal address book
P.A.W. Parents are Watching
P.C.B. printed circuit board
P.E.O. Protect Each Other
P.F.C. Private First Class
P.I. Private Investigator
p.i.g. pretty indian girl
p.i.g. pretty interesting girl
p.i.t.s. Police In The Streets
p.o.a. price on application
P.O.C. proof of concept
P.O.E.T.S.  p*ss off early tomorrow is Saturday
P.O.T.A.T.O. People Over Thirty Acting Twenty One
P.O.U. point of use
p.o.v. point of view
p.o.v. privately owned vehicle
P.S.N.B. Public Sector Net Borrowing
p.t.p. point-to-point
This is Popular Acronym list for P 9 pages - 1 of 9 click here for the page 2
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