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Acronym's for P
This is Popular Acronym list for P page 14 of 15 page 15 of 15
 pwyw Pay what you want
 pxt Pinxit
 pxt Please Explain That
 pxt Porn eXchange Technology
 PYABTRL Put Your Ass Back To Real Life
 pyite Punch you in the eye
 PYITS Put Yourself in their Shoes
 pym Problem Younger Man
 PYOB Pick Your Own Bouquet
 PYOB Post Your Own Babes
 PYS Pack Your Stuff
 pyt preliminary yield trial
 pyt pretty young thing
 pyt prove yourself true
 pyw Problem Younger Woman
 PZEV Partial Zero Emission Vehicle
 RTEKJNFCRBCB Presidents of the USA - Roosevelt to Bush
 RTEKJNFCRBCBO Presidents of the USA - Roosevelt to Obama
 SYH Please Be Quiet
 W.G. prostitute
 XML Process Definition Language
 ZIP postcode
This is Popular Acronym list for P page 14 of 15 page 15 of 15
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