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PFC Private First Class
pff protection from fire
pgowm please go out with me
pgp pretty good privacy
Ph.D. Philosophiae Doctor
PHLOTE Primary Home Language Other Than English
pho physician-hospital organization
PICBA Personal Injury Caused By Accident
PIGHSNTS people in glass houses should not throw stones
PILT Payments in Lieu of Taxes
PIM Personal Information Manager
PIR parent in room
PIR Parent nearby
PIR parents in room
PIR passive infrared
PIR peak information rate
PIR person in room
pk player kill
pk politcally correct
pk public kiss
pkb pot calling kettle black
pkb pot kettle black (look whos talking!)
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PKOTL passionate kiss on the lips
PL&R Postal Laws and Regulations
PLD programmable logic device
PLLLP Professional Limited Liability Limited Partnership
plm product lifecycle management
plm product lifecycle manager
PLO Palestine liberation army
This is Popular Acronym list for P page 3 of 9 - 4 of 9 click here for the page 5
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