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PLOKTA press lots of keys to abort
PLOTKA Press Lots Of Keys To Abort
pltm Please Listen To Me
plu people Like Us
plu price look-up
pma physical medium attachment
pma positive mental attitude
pmbr preliminary multistate bar review
pmetc Pardon Me ETC
pmetc pardon me, etc.
pmf pardon my french
PMFI problem magically fixed itself
pmpo peak music power output
PMS pre menstrual stress
PMSO Program Management Support Office
pnbf potential new boyfriend
PNO Public Network Operator
PnP party and play
PnP Pick And Place
PnP plug and play
PNV Present Net Value
poe power over ethernet
POHM prisoner of his majesty
POHSO Professional Occupational Health and Safety Organisation
POJO plain old Java object
POJO Plain Old Java Objects
pome prisoner of mother england
pome property of mother england
PONA’s persons of no account
POP3 post office protocol version 3
This is Popular Acronym list for P page 4 of 9 - 5 of 9 click here for the page 6
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