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This is Popular Acronym list for Q
q&a questions and answers
q/a quality assurance
q/a questions and answers
qa quality assurance
qaly quality adjusted life year
qaly quality-life year
qaz quick access zone
qcd Quit-Claim Deed
qmb qualified medicare beneficiary
qnq questions and answers
qns quantity not sufficient
qos quality of service
qotd question of the day
qotd quote of the day
QOTW Questions of the Week
qpsa que pasa
qpsa que pasa?
qr Quick response
qs questions
qs Quit Scrolling
QUALGO Quasi Autonomous Local Government organization
QUANGO Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization
qvga quarter video graphic array
qvga quarter-vga
VEGEGE Queens and Kings of England
This is Popular Acronym list for Q
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