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Acronym's for R
This is Popular Acronym list for R page 11 of 14 page 12 of 14 click here for the page 13
 RRFABL Red Roses for a Blue Lady
 rrgacaad rain rain go away come again another day
 RROF Request for Release of Funds
 rrp recomended retail price
 RRQ Return Receipt Request
 RRR Rabid Religious Right
 RRR Release Readiness Review
 RSAN,SD.RSAM,SW Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky in the morning shepherd
 rsansdrsitmsw Red sky at night shepherds delight Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning
 RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
 RSLE Remote Line Subscriber Equipment
 RSPCA royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals
 rss really simple syndication
 rss rich site summary
 RTA read the article
 RTA ready to assemble
 rtai Real-Time Application Interface
 RTB Return To Base
 RTBM Read The Bloody Manual
 RTD Ready To Drink
 RTD Returned to Duty
 RTDM Read The Damn Manual !
 RTF return the favor
 RTF rich text format
 RTG ready to go
 RTG real time gaming
 RTH Release The Hounds
 RTI Real Time Interruption
 RTID Real Time Identification
 RTK Return To Keyboard
This is Popular Acronym list for R page 11 of 14 page 12 of 14 click here for the page 13
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