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SDSL Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line
sdtv standard definition television
SEO Search engine optimisation
SEO Search Engine Optimization
SERPS Search Engine Results Pages
seti search for extraterrestrial intelligence
sfc securities and futures commission
sfc sergeant first class
sfc shop floor control
sfc static frequency converter
SFF Small Form Factor
SFFO Small Form Factor Optical storage
SFLA Stupid Four Letter Acronym
SFLA stupid four-letter acronym
sfoa standard forms of agreement
SFTLR Sorry For The Late Reply
SFX Sound Effects
SFX special effects
SFX Stage Effects
sfyl school for youth leadership
sfyl sing for your life
sfyl singing for your life
sfyl solutions for your life
sfyl swim for your life
SG&A Selling, General, and Administrative
SGFIT Search Google For It
SGML Standardised Generalised Markup Language
SGML Standardized General Markup Language
sha secure hash algorithm
shmily see how much I love you
This is Popular Acronym list for S page 3 of 10 - 4 of 10 click here for the page 5
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