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STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
STML Short Term Memory Loss
STMUC Stop Texting Me You Creep
STTMO Sacred to the Memory of
STTNG Star Trek The Next Generation
sttp straight to the point
suitm see you in the morning
suv Small Utility Vehicle
suv Sporting Utility Vehicle
SUVs Sports Utility Vehicles
svcd super video cd
svcd super videocd
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
SVG Scaleable Vector Graphic
svs secure voice system
svs service vehicle soon
svs single virtual storage
svs someone very special
svs space vision system
svs status verification system
svs stolen vehicle system
svs switched video service
svs symmetric virtual servers
svu special victims unit
swahak sealed with a hug and a kiss
swalbcakws sealed with a lick because a kiss won't stick
swambo she who always must be obeyed
swat special weapons and tactics
swatk sealed with a tender kiss
swatk sent with a tender kiss
This is Popular Acronym list for S page 8 of 10 - 9 of 10 click here for the page 10
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