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T&C Terms and Conditions
T-SQL Transact Structured Query Language
t.a.u.a. thinking about you always
t.b. text back
t.b.i.y.t.c. The Best Is Yet To Come
T.C.F.S too cool for school
T.D.G. Three Days Grace
T.D.G. Too Damn Good
T.F.T.P. Trivial File Transfer Protocol
t.g.f.g.  Thank God for Google
t.g.i.f. thank god its friday
t.g.i.l. thank god it's lunchtime!
t.g.i.l. the girl I like
t.g.i.l. the guy I like
T.G.T.Y.I.O. Thank God THAT Year Is Over
t.i.p. theory into practice
t.i.p. to ensure promptness
t.l.c. tender love and care
t.o.d. time of death
t.o.d. time of the day
t.o.d. transfer on death
t.o.d. typing of the dead
T.O.W. the other woman
T.O.W.L. Test of Written Language
t.p.o.i.a The point of all of it
t.p.o.i.a. The point of all of it
T.P.W.W.P. This Post Is Worthless Without Pictures
t.s.i.a.t.h.t.f. the sh*t is about to hit the fan
T.T.F.P. Time to First Print
t.t.o.y. totally thinking of you
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 1 of 19 - 2 of 19 click here for the page 3
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