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Acronym's for T
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 22 of 27 page 23 of 27 click here for the page 24
 ttunt talk to you next time
 ttut talk to you then
 ttut talk to you tomorrow
 ttve till the very end
 TTWH Thought That Would Happen
 ttwl Twin Tandem Wheel Loading
 ttwtcc that's the way the cookie crumbles
 TTWTSW That's the way the system works
 tty(sol) talk to you sooner or later
 TTYAFN Talk to you awhile from now
 ttyal Talk To You (all) Later
 ttyal Talk to you after lunch
 ttyal talk to you all later
 TTYAS talk to you again soon
 TTYAS talk to you all soon
 TTYAS talk to you at school
 ttyasap talk to you as soon as possible
 ttyasap talk to you soon
 ttyat talk to you another time
 TTYAWFM Talk To You A While From Now
 ttyf take that, you fiend
 ttyfs The True Your Fate is Sealed
 TTYI talk to you ingame
 ttyiabt Talk To You In A Bit
 TTYIAF Talk to You in A Few
 ttyias talk to you in a second.
 TTYII talk to you too
 ttyitm talk to you in the morning
 ttyla type to you later, alligator
 ttyld talk to you later dude
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 22 of 27 page 23 of 27 click here for the page 24
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