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Acronym's for T
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 23 of 27 page 24 of 27 click here for the page 25
 ttylg talk to you later gurl
 ttylihtg talk to you later I have to go
 ttyllyz talk to you later love you
 TTYLML Talk to You Later My Love
 TTYLMP talk to you later my peeps
 TTYLN talk to you later nigger
 ttyltr talk to you later
 TTYNL Talk To You Never Loser
 TTYRS Talk To You Real Soon
 TTYRS Talk To You Real Soon?
 ttys talk to you shortly
 ttys talk to you soon
 ttysn talk to you soon
 ttysol talk to you sooner or later
 TTYT talk to you then
 TTYT talk to you tomorrow
 ttytm talk to you tomorrow
 ttytt to tell you the truth
 TTYW Talk to you whenever
 TUFD The User File Died
 TUFE Thank You For Everything
 TUL tell you later
 TUSM Thank you so much
 tuvvm thank you very very much
 TVCs television commercials
 tvm4ti Thanks very much for the info
 TVML TV program-making language
 TVO Total Value of Opertunity
 TVTTB Ti Voglio Tanto Tanto Bene
 TW@H Trademark Work-at-Home
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 23 of 27 page 24 of 27 click here for the page 25
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nw dat food hs replacd sx n my lyf, I cnt evn gt N2 my own pants.
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