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TFTMC thanks for the micro cache
TFTNT Thanks for the New Thread
tftp trivial file transfer protocol
tftt thanks for the thought
tftt thanks for the thought tip
tftt thanks for the tip
TFTU thanks for the update
tfyh thanks for your help
tfyt thanks for your time
tg2bt too good to be true
TGAL Think Globally , Act Locally
TGAL Think Globally Act Locally
TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally
TGBG to God be glory
tgf thank god for
TGFAD thank god for another day
tgfe thank god for evolution
tgfe together forever
TGFM Thank God For Me
TGGT Teflon Glass Glass Teflon
tgia thank god i'm atheist
tgiacg thank god I'm a country girl
tgiagotosotf the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
tgifaihgt thank god it's Friday and I have to go
tgifn thank god its Friday night
tgift Thank God It's Friday Tomorrow
tgilt thank god it's lunch time
tgim thank god I'm male
tgim thank god it's monday
tginf Thank god its not Friday
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 6 of 19 - 7 of 19 click here for the page 8
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