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TGIO Thank God Its Over
TGIO The Game Is Over
tgis thank god I am single
tgis thank God it its Sunday
tgis thank god it's saturday
tgit thank god its today
TGITh Thank God Its Thursday
tgitw  thank god it's the weekend
TGO the great one
TGSOE The Greatest Show On Earth
tgtbtu the good the bad and the ugly
TGTF thank God tomorrow's friday
tgtu tail gas treatment unit
thabto two heads are better than one
thabto two heads are better than one.
THBOTP The Hottest Babe On The Planet
THD total harmonic distortion
THEL Tactical High-Energy Laser
thth too hot to handle
thtmbt ten, hundred, thousand, million, billion, trillion
thtrtcrtw the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world
thwdi thats how we do it
TIAB To Infinity and Beyond
tiai take it all in
ticam Taxes Insurance & Common Area Maintenance
ticua till I see u again
tie take it easy
tifwiw take it for what its worth
tig the inferno group
tig this is great
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 7 of 19 - 8 of 19 click here for the page 9
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sinC I met u we hs Bcum mor magical thN u or I
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